Northpointe Church Family Life Night


Family Life Night

Getting to know your Northpointe church family is important. Family Life Night is a great time to socialize with fellow Christians, get to know other members of the church, eat and learn together. Dinner starts at 6:30 pm.  Then stick around for some great teaching. There is a teaching time for all ages!

Current series

We are finishing up the renew our mind through the Word series. This is a three book series by Dr. Bill Basansky.

How to live above fear and anxiety

In How to live above fear and anxiety, we gain an insight into the authors own life and ministry. When Dr. Basansky encourages his readers to not fear circumstances or their lot in life, he speaks from experience. He was born in the Soviet Union where he was taught that “God does not exist – Lenin is our god.” During World War II the Germans invaded the Ukraine and his family was force-marched to labor detention camps, imprisoned there until the war ended.

Author: Dr. Bill Basansky was born in the Soviet Union, was confined in Nazi prison camps during World War II. After serving in the U.S. Air Force for four years, Bill worked as a police officer in California, and went to college to receive his teaching degree.

For five years, Bill was a professor at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He received his Masters degree from the University of Oklahoma, and his Ph. D. from Union University in California. Dr. Basansky lived in Tulsa, with his wife and family. He has ministered extensively throughout America and Canada, through Bill Basansky Ministries.


  • Sept 20 – Finish Renewing your mind final chapter & Chapter 1 – Sinful Fear
  • Sept 27 – Chapter 2 – Fear Hath Torment
  • Oct 04 – Chapter 3 – Fear Destroys
  • Oct 11 – Chapter 4 – The Poison of Fear
  • Oct 18 – Chapter 5 – Fear Frustrates
  • Oct 25 – Chapter 6 – Effects of Fear
  • Nov 01 – Chapter 7 – Acquired or Hereditary
  • Nov 08 – Chapter 8 – Victory over Fear
  • Nov 15 – Chapter 9 – Living Above Fear
  • Nov 22 – Thanks Giving  No Lesson


With the close of the summer we are returning to Family Life Night Potlucks.


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