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Northpointe Kids is a place to take your children on an imaginative journey of Biblical learning through many different adventures. Our services meet at the same time as adult services and were created  for  children who are nursery through 12 years.

Each weekend your child can be a part of an exciting, active environment filled with songs, games and lovable characters that teach Godly values at an age-appropriate level.

We also hold a few events throughout the year as well that are not only designed to bring your kids closer to God and strengthen their spiritual journey, but also to bring families together. Every Summer, kids can attend summer camp. This is a great opportunities for your kids to invite a friend to experience the life-changing encounter with God. During the fall the kids are involved in our annual Bloctober event.  The Bloctober event is an outreach to our Copperas Cove community to share the love of Jesus.

Join us Sundays at 10:00 am and know that while you enjoy the service for you, we are presenting the same life-changing message in an age appropriate presentation.

Northpointe Kids has the following classes available for your children.

  • NP Nursery  (0 – 1)
  • NP Cruisers (2 – 3) Curriculum: Veggie Tales
  • NP JRs (4 – 5) Curriculum: Elevate Kids
  • NP Kids (6+) Curriculum: Elevate Kids

For more information on Elevate Kids please visit the following address:

Current Series

On the Trail
Additional information: Saddle up your horses and grab your favorite pair of boots as we go on an old-fashioned cattle drive! Join Cookie, Tex and a whole herd of cattle as we learn lessons from a different kind of trail, the trail the Israelites left as they got out of Egypt!


Leader Information

Jason and Bennyce Schaefer against a wood background.Bennyce and Jason Schaefer became the Pointe Leaders of NP Kids in the spring of 2018.  They have a heart for children and have a background in education. They are always looking for additional people to help with Northpointe Kids. If you would like to apply to help please contact them.

Contacting the Schaefers:

You can contact Jason or Bennyce in person at the church before or after service or you can email them at

View the Kid’s Ministry event calendar: Kids Calendar


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Pastor Brent: Travel Light - Let Go of Control.

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