A road trip with Jesus

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“A road trip with Jesus” with Pastor Sanders

Posted by Northpointe Church CC on Sunday, April 15, 2018

Luke 24:13-35, “And, behold, two of them went that same day to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem about threescore furlongs (7.5 miles).”

Have you ever had an ‘aha’ moment where you just ‘get it’? This is one of the most compelling revelations of the heart of God!

They are struggling to understand what had happened & what the future held for them.
This alone sounds like many who have begun the journey with Christ.

One can sense in this passage the heartbroken cry of the followers.

“Foolish,” which means “without understanding or perception.”

Jesus stops on the way & listens even when he hears of their doubt.

Jesus is all about the unusual & opened their eyes at dinner. Why did Jesus leave them in their moment of His recognition? They were forever changed & we should be as well. It was at supper that Jesus revealed himself as the servant of all. (Isaiah 53)

On this Road Trip with Jesus, He always finds us & our hearts should burn within us as he speaks to us!

We see Jesus when we, in faith, turn to him in our need & despair!


Wednesday’s Family Life Night
Starts @ 6:30 with a coffee connection in the foyer, then at 7:00 we continue to connect and build relationships through the Word of God as we study Faith in the Sanctuary.

Spanish Service
Wednesday Night @ 7pm is our Spanish Service that will be led by Elder Jesus Mendez in the North Pointe Office meeting room.

Special Service
We are excited about our special service coming up, so mark your calendars and plan on receiving the Word from Dr. Dennis Burk, April 22 at 10am and at 6pm

Painting With a Purpose
All Youth and kids come and be apart of Painting With A Purpose on April 20th at 7pm Upstairs. PLEASE sign up in Gust services or kids church.

BBQ Dinner / Art Auction
North Pointe , Pastor Brent has agreed to prepare Brisket and sausage for the BBQ and plates will be $10, all the tickets will go for the Youth and Kids. Also at the dinner everyone will be served by the kids and youth, so be sure to TIP your servers. During the dinner we will have a silent auction for the Art the Kids & Youth painted to help send them to camp and mission trip.

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